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Small Batch, Big Flavors.

We practice the grain-to-glass ethos, blending modern distillation techniques with farm-fresh ingredients.


Freeland Spirits Gin takes you on a sensory journey with zesty citrus, garden herbs and warm spice with woodsy notes of juniper and spruce. Expertly distilled using a dual distillation process, the flavors of our Fresh Five botanicals — rosemary, mint, cucumber, thyme, and honey — play nicely with 14 dried botanicals. Delicious enough to drink neat.

Freeland Gin on a bed of its fresh five cold distilled botanicals
The Fresh Five
Forest Gin - Botanicals Hero (1).jpg__PID:8fb8d3cc-f17a-45e2-959b-1f93f8d42894

Forest Gin

Our Forest Gin showcases ingredients that grow right in our backyard woods, including chanterelle mushrooms, douglas fir tips, salal berries and nettles, all of which have been distilled on the rotovap to preserve their freshness. This gives our Forest Gin the same all-encompassing quality of a trip to the woods.



Freeland Spirits Dry Gin clocks in at 57% alcohol because strong women deserve strong gin. Packed with bold juniper flavor, we back it up with notes of pine forest, mulled spices, green olive and a hint of citrus.  Pairs well with classic rock.

Freeland Gin
The Fresh Five
Freeland Bourbon in the barrel room


Freeland Sprits Bourbon evokes memories of a southern kitchen, with soft caramel and baked berries layered with vanilla beans, cocoa and spice. We add a touch of Pacific Northwest terroir by resting our Bourbon in Oregon Pinot Noir oak barrels. Wine Spectator ranked us at 94 points and placed us in the top 11 Bourbons in the world.

Crafted, Grown and Sourced by Northwest Women.

Freeland Spirits is obsessively crafted with the rich flavors of the Pacific Northwest, made with fresh, locally grown botanicals and a unique cold distillation process that preserves every bright, vibrant note. Learn more about how Freeland Spirits are made.

Molly Troupe working the still
Fancy heel on our broubon barrel

Craft Cocktails Made Easy. 

These adorable 200 ml bottles are perfect for exploring different styles of gin, and learning what makes Freeland’s three gins so unique.

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