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Freeland Spirits

Freeland French 75 8pk

Freeland French 75 8pk

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Freeland’s classic Gin meets Chelahem Winery’s balanced Chardonnay with lemon and bubbles for a French 75 in a can. This is the newest addition to our canned cocktail line-up; and if you enjoy our Gin and Rose Tonic cans this will not disappoint.

The idea for a French 75 came during the onset of quarantine, when our team saw the demand for drinks pairable with social distancing… We put our heads together and decided to bring the classic French 75 to Portland, with a partnership with the female-led Chehalem Winery’s beautiful unoaked Chardonnay. We hope this can add some fun to the park picnics and backyard gatherings we’ve all grown to appreciate these days.

We hope you enjoy this fresh concoction of ours, and that is adds some zest to your celebration.

ABV 15.5%

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